Sunday, 3 July 2011

want the perfect bare canvas? - Top 3 foundations reviews & tips!

Winter is my love hate seasonDry, tight, flakey and dull. Ring a bell? Sure does for me! 
Sometimes having those annoying symptoms can make life so so hard especially when you are a girl who likes to wear foundation on a daily basis! Thank god there are foundations out there in the market who target  girls like me who want dewy picture perfect skin. 

Here are my top 3 faves! 
Borurjois, Loreal, DIORSKIN

Bourjois healthy mix, Loreal Studio secrets HD, Dior Nude (yes looks dark but foundation is my perfect match)

Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation

Finish: Semi Matte
coverage: Light - medium ( buildable)
Bourjois healthy mix serum is a gel based foundation which stipples onto my skin extremely lightly whilst covering most of my freckles and marks whilst also giving off a pleasantly fruity fragrance! I do feel that it hydrates my skin without making my face appear oily! My skin is left supple and yes "healthy" looking indeed! 
This foundation IN MY OPINION, is best applied with a flat top kabuki brush or a stippling brush :)
(+) Lasted for about 12 hours
(-) Only 3 shades (NC 20 - 30)
star rating: 7/10

DIORskin Nude Foundation
Finish: The PERFECT dewy glow
Coverage: Medium to High
High end will always be high end! This foundation was first discovered when I was ears dropping to two women discussing this foundation at Myers and yep they talked me into it! This foundation is extremely light in weight but covers like no other! This foundation claims to have "natural mineral pigments and Dior’s innovative Mineralized Water" (whatever that means) and in all seriousness THIS foundation is SO hydrating! Its like putting on a moisturized foundation! No cracks, no lines just a beautiful picture perfect glow. I believe this foundation is best applied with a dense flat top kabuki for the most absolute flawless glowing skin! This foundation also goes beautifully with creme blush as it adds warmth and definition to the face!
(+) Its dior and its hydrating. I love it!
(-) Its dior and it was expensive ( worth every penny though)
ratings: 10/10

Loreal studio secrets HD
 Finish: Dewy
Coverage: Medium, buildable
First of all! I DO NOT LIKE THE GIMMICK BRUSH! second of all! I love how this foundation just applies on my face ever so smoothly and ever so lightly! It is extremely moisturizing and it just gives my skin a subtle glow:) The smell is not too pleasant but I b/c of the results of the foundation it does not bother me. The foundation at first did feel a little odd because it was just so light and runny but surprisingly it lasted for about 7 hours and there was no slipping and sliding:) I like to use a make up sponge or my stippling brush with this foundation!
(+) hyrating, soft and smooth skin!
(-) seriously, the brush sucks and it only contains 17 mLs
rating: 8/10

ALSO, before any foundation application, remember to exfoliate, tone and moisture surge your beautiful skin:) That way you can make the most out of your foundation and feel beautiful!!

xx - Emily

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