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June/July Day time and Night time Skin care product reviews (quick and snappy reviews inc)

my skin type: dehydrated/sensitive

1) Mario Badescu - Enzyme Cleansing Gel

This Fruit enzyme based cleaning gel contains papaya and grapefruit extracts (AHA) to help exfoliate dead skin cells whilst regenerating new skin cells for smoother brighter and more radiant skin! The apple green colored gel cleanser does not foam up but I feel like it works really well in conjunction with my face massage to remove dirt, oils and excess make up. I love how this product leaves my skin feeling extremely fresh and hydrated. It does not leave my skin tight at all and it leaves a fresh subtle scent which is non bothering.

2) Mario Badescu - Aloe Vera Toner

The Aloe Vera has a simple task for my skin! It protects my skin against moisture loss whilst keeping the nasties out of the houseeee!! It also cleanses excess debris and cleanses my pores gradually making them appear smaller. There is no subtle scent and the ingredients are simple. ( Aloe leaf juice + aqua) It also helps reduces redness and any face inflammations in control especially with winter being so unpredictable. A put a bit on a soft cotton pad and just dab my face with it and wait until moisture is locked in. Some say Toners are not needed but I disagree, I think since I have been using this one my skin has been less dry and prone to dryness and sensitivity!

3) Dior Hydra-life skin Energizer Serum

A gel like serum which works fabulously in conjunction with my toner in helping my skin restore and capturing moisture when it  is needed. I love this serum because I can feel how plump and smooth  my face is after two pumps! I feel like because of this serum my foundation application is so easy and I do not have to worry about dry spots and rough spots etc!After almost 4 weeks of usage my skin has become plump, radiant and my skin is well nourishes. two pumps of this baby in the morning and night and your on your way to better skin:)
4) Shiseido White Lucent - Brightening eye treatment

HIGHLY recommended: HIGHLY hydrating, INSTANT brightening affect and LINE diffusing. The treatment is formulated in a thicker type of lotion which is easily absorbed into the skin and it contains light reflecting properties that instantly help boost any type of dark circles and fine lines whilst helping skin combat the issues.! The only thing I have to complain is that it dispenses way too much product. Half a pump is more then enough for the under eye area~ ( Prevention is better then Curing)

5) Shiseido Sun protection Eye cream SPF 32 PA++

A lightly YET powerful eye cream which helps with protecting my eyes against the sun! I have a few sunspots under eyes and that is due to my own ignorance about skin care ( regret regret regret ). Not much needed to be said but it is my MUST have. I like the squeeze tube :) Note: This is not a "treatment" this product is purely for protection purposes.

6) Nivea Daily Essentials - Rich Moisturising Day Cream

I honestly feel like this cream does high end quality wonders. Its hydrating, smells fabulous, long lasting and protects my skin from harmful free radicals AND inc. SPF 15 which is crucial crucial crucial for all young and mature ages women in the WHOLE of Australia! I purchased the tube which is targeted for dry and sensitive skin and I love this product! Contains Natural Almond Oil & Calendula Extract. ( Def will be repurchasing)

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Night Time
1) Make up Remover - Nivea Daily Essentials - Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

I do enjoy using these wipes as they do remove make up very well whilst also providing  my skin with the nourishment that it needs without irritating my eyes and lip area. The only thing I would complain about is that the towelettes are not moist enough. In fact they almost feel dry. On nights where I am out till late and the last thing I want to do is do my night skin care routine, I simply use these wipes and go to bed. I would wake up the next morning without feeling tight and irritated! 

2) Estee Lauder - Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher.

The first month of using this product, I swear it did wonders for my skin. My skin was smooth, radiant and most importantly my pores were shrinking shrinking shrinking but this month it did nothing for me but because this product is so expensive I am just going to finish it off because it is a waste. The silicon gel texture does feel quite amazing and smoothing but I feel like I have to use it for a month, stop for one month and then start again for the full affects to kick in. I cannot be bothered :(
3) Trilogy - Age Proof Replenishing Night cream

I have read some positive reviews on this night cream so why not try it myself. I was excited because it is natural and contains omega 3, 6 and 9, hyaluronic acid and olive oils and I thought this would be great because my skin needs to be pampered with goodness when I sleep. ok here we go.. I was dissapointed after the first week of using this because I feel like its SO drying for my skin. It did not replenish my skin and it also did not rejuvenate my skin. The texture of this cream is also extremely thick so you must warm up the cream between your fingers before you put it on ( which I did) and I felt like the cream was extremely hard to spread out evenly all over my face. The smell is very pleasant and smells like citrus. Im trying to use this cream up quicker so I also use it on my body as well as my Cetaphil moisturiser. -- After reading everyone elses reviews, I have a slight suspicion my one is a dud...=[

So here is my day and night skin care reviews

Hope y'all enjoyed reading this and stay OUT of the sun ;)

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