Monday, 18 July 2011

Blush Collection & My top Winter blushing blushers --

Hello friends:)
Winter washes out my skin so I am always on the look out for the perfect winter blush.
I prefer my blushes with silver or gold reflexes because I have dry skin and matte blushes can sometimes accentuate my flakey/dry patches. Blushes with gold or silver reflexes can also add definition to the face and give your face that subtle winter glow. 
Here are my blushes and my opinion on my favourite top 5:)

Hope you enjoy xx

My blush collection

can you guess what my top 5 Blushers are?

1) Nars - Deep Throat
Five star packaging and five stars for the colour pay off. A little of deep throat is good for you (Obviously I am talking about this blush...) The peachy pink colour contains very fine gold reflexes which when applied on my cheek bone gives me a "sculpted" affect which ultimately makes my face slimmer and pinched with a healthy glow.  

2) Nars - Angelika
This beautiful Cotton Candy pink with silver reflexes is a blue tone pink blush and is INTENSELY pigmented. Angelika is really quite angelic. A gentle sweep over the apples of your cheeks and you will look like you have just been outdoors and pinched by the cold. In my opinion, I think this shade is very flattering on girls with quite a pale complexion. The shimmer is un-noticeable, but as I mentioned it would add a 3D dimension to the face sculpting and creating contours.

3) Maybelline Mousse Blush - Rose Petal 25

A natural smooth application which gives my face a very "friendly" rosey glow. The pigmentation of this mousse blusher is not intense but it gives you a rather natural pink glow. There is gold shimmers which are visible but it does not leave the face sparkly. The staying power is not very high so I would suggest that you set it with a matte blusher with similar shade.

4) MAC - Pink Swoon (Sheertone)
This is my ONLY favorite matte pink blush because firstly, it reminds me of Angelika by NARS and its also very blend-able, build-able and pigmented. The barbie pink blush is fairly blue toned and in my opinion is suited for more yellow / olive skin tone rather then people who have pink undertones! This blush works fantastically in setting my Maybelline mousse blush in rose petal! It goes on quite sheer on the cheeks so its up to you on whether you want to leave your cheeks looking natural or build up for a more sculpted dramatic pink cheek ;)

5) MAC - DAME (from Hark The Heraldry Face kit)
DAME - is in my opinion a sugared plum pink shade so in a color I would say it is a Mauve shade. It contains gold reflexes which look so beautiful on the the contours of my cheek. I say that because I most prefer to use this shade on the hollows of my cheek rather then the apples of my cheek to slim and add definition to my face! DAME could also be worn on the apples of the cheek but I would use it with a very light hand. I find that it adds warmth to my face and looks great with a bold winged eye liner look.  This shade is very special compared to other blushers because it is fairly dark and hard to use but the colour pay off is beautiful and warm.

The darkest shade - DAME

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