Monday, 11 July 2011

The Most Astonishing Hand cream ever? Thats a big call - (Review)

Hand Food- Soap and Glory

I first came across this brand whilst strolling through the weird and exciting make up items located at KIT cosmetics and this brand surely did catch my eye! Pink and labeled " The most astonishing hand cream ever..." and ONLY COSTING $11.95 there is absolutely nothing to lose here. If its good I can go "yess to soft and amazing smelling hands" and if it sucks I wont be heart broken.
I wish I can capture how unique and yummily fragranced this hand cream is. I would say that it is a cross between Juicy couture and frangipani floral scent.The next important factor into choosing a good hand cream is to see if the gel/lotion/cream is light weight and easily absorbed into my hands. Hand food is definitely an extremely light weight and non greasy lotion. I feel like the lotion is extremely fluffy and is quite aqua based. Also with added benefits of Shea butter. macadamia oil and marshmallow yes, my hands are very very soft. Its like I never washed dishes before! I feel like my cuticles are softer and especially the rough spots on my elbows are no longer drought looking and rough. 

SO having said so many great comments about this lotion I do have one bad thing to say. You can either buy a 125 ML tube or a 50 ML tube and not a perfect size 75 mL tube. So it was abit annoying to carry around in my bag :(

haha I guess we all have to try to find out right?!! Go grab one:)

Other then that I have enjoyed using it so far.! 


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