Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Make up for babies # 1: Luminous skin

Hey sexymumma's 
Want your skin to look dewy, glowing and full of life without the need of putting on make up? Im sure there are some girls out there with the milion dollar baby skin but I certainly don't :(! WHY NOT fake it! 
Luminous, glowing, healthy skin
So where do you start?
 The picture above shows you where I would high light my face! 

Highlighting will bring out the innocence of your face making your skin appear younger, healthier and also more defined!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the tips for highlighting - very useful! I am actually looking forward to see the swatches of your YSL lipstick!

    Btw <3 Im in the same uni as you do hahahaha..

  2. @ EMON :) Really haha thats so awesome!!! What are you studying there hehehe??