Monday, 4 July 2011

Suffering from bad hair day? Say hello to 'Yes to Carrots'

So the whole "natural" sulphate free, paraben free and basically harsh chemical free trend is starting to kick in, in my bathroom and I am slowly looking into organic and natural skin care and hair care products!

Price: $9.99 each
Rating: 9/10
hair type: Normal to dry

Yes to carrots Nourishing Shampoo:
claims:  " It cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes your hair and scalp with Dead Sea Minerals, revitalizing and protecting it and leaving you with luminous, luscious locks."

The shampoo smells deliciously of carrot cake with icing on top (yum). The shampoo comes in a gel texture and is quite easily massaged into the head. The shampoo does not lather up (I guess because it has less chemicals?) and the most most important factor is that it leaves my hair feeling so refreshed and so pampered. I think it de-stresses my hair because it doesn't turn into a huge fur ball if I do not condition it:) This shampoo is simply one of the most nourishing, best smelling and also "light"weight shampoo's I have used in a long time. It cleans my hair without over drying it and it also does not leave build up of yucky gunk.

Yes to carrots Nourishing Conditioner:
claims: "Yes To Carrots Nourishing Conditioner nourishes, conditions, softens, smoothes and tames even the wildest of tresses."
Delicious aroma of carrot cake once again.
The conditioner is one of the most unique conditioners I have probably used in the drugstore market. I feel as though the liquid conditioner is very runny and light in weight and I really thought this product was going to suck. I gave it a couple of trials and I would squeeze about a 50c coin size amount and then just gently massage it onto the lower half of my head. I would then leave it on for about 3 minutes and rinse. This conditioner is REALLLY conditioning and REALLY does what it claims. Its not total magic where my hair would turn out to be a pantene add but its soft enough for me to comb through my hair and not scream from pain. I feel like my hair (once it is dried) to be very bouncy and I could work it (curl, straight, plait) with ease. 
The only thing I would complain about is the bottle! I feel like it took me about 40 seconds to squeeze the amount of conditioner out that I need. The hole is too small:( ! 

Want hair that screams healthy?  Go on you know you want to try yes to carrots:)

Disclaimer: purchased with own money

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